Our software provides the best all around inspection report with minimal
effort on the inspectors part, but that’s just a “rain drop in the ocean.”


There are as many ways to use the system as there are fish in the sea.
Since the system is a server broadcasted web enabled database, the inspectors can use it through any internet access. Portable servers and other handheld
options are available to create reports at the inspection, in any conditions.

All printed materials - reports, brochures and business cards coordinate and
provide a consistent quality image to the public. Use of the marketing system
is optional, but we preprint the expensive color portion of the materials in
huge quantities so each company can create a top-notch individual image.

This system has been in development for ten years. A beta version has been
running for five years in a portion of a state to make sure there are no bugs
left in the software. We took care of the problems before we released it to you.

The best you can get - all automatic - all included at a reasonable cost.

Inspection System

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